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Four Signs that Tell you It’s Time to Get a Root Canal

Sometimes, no matter how you take care of your teeth, problems can still occur. Dental issues can cause a lot of discomforts. Before, people had to deal with their discomforts due to dental problems through traditional remedies. Fortunately, things have changed now. There are many treatment options available for various dental issues. A root canal is one of the most effective dental treatments for various dental issues.

A root canal is necessary when the soft tissue or pulp has become inflamed or infected and requires treatment to restore its health condition. Knowing when it is necessary to have a root canal is important to address the problem in its earliest stage.

The following are some indications that you may need this treatment:

You Experience Persistent Pain

In case you feel pain whenever you eat or drink something, you must visit a dentist who specializes in Aesthetic & Family Dentistry of Topeka. The dentist will examine your teeth to see if the blood vessels or nerves have become inflamed due to infections. They will tell you if you need a root canal. If not, they will recommend certain measures to manage the pain and prevent it from recurring.

Your Teeth are Always Sensitive to Cold or Hot Foods or Liquids

Although occasional teeth sensitivity is not a cause for concern, prolonged sensitivity may indicate a major issue. This could mean a pulp infection. This case calls for an immediate dental checkup to see if your problem is associated with your tooth’s root.

You have a Cracked or Chipped Tooth

There are many reasons your tooth can get cracked or chipped such as eating hard foods. This exposes the nerves beneath the surface of your tooth and makes it prone to infection.  Root infection could enter the bloodstream when not addressed immediately. A root canal can effectively treat this problem.

Your Teeth have Discoloured

Teeth discoloration indicates an infection. But, just because your teeth are yellow does not mean you must get a root canal. You will only need this treatment if your teeth have darkened or turned grey as this could mean a tooth infection.

In case you notice any of these signs, you have a serious dental issue that can be resolved with a root canal. Nothing should stop you from getting this treatment as it can make a difference in your dental and overall health. Also, most patients who get this treatment do not experience any pain during the procedure.

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