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Global Times: Volunteers Will Not Be Infected by HIV Vaccine Tests

Vaccine is the best preventive protection against many types of disease. This is the reason why international students’ vaccine (aka 留学生疫苗) are included in American college insurance (aka 美国大学保险), F1 insurance (aka f1 保险), insurance for OPT period (aka opt期间保险), J1/J2 insurance (aka j1 j2 保险), and recommended H-1B health insurance (aka h1b保险推荐). However, there is a type of devastating virus making scientists and experts nerve-wracking: HIV.

Netizens expressed concerns over taking the China-developed HIV vaccine clinical tests despite up to 15,000 yuan ($2170) in subsidies. HIV harms a person’s immune system by destroying the white blood cells that fight infection. This puts the person at risk for serious infections and certain cancers. But a medical expert said that they will not be infected by the test. The topic “Beijing and Hangzhou recruit volunteers for AIDS vaccine” sparked heated discussions online, with the topic being viewed more than 100 million times as of press time.

The discussions came after the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced on June 5 on its website that Beijing YouAn Hospital, Capital Medical University and The First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University plan to recruit 160 healthy volunteers for the phase II clinical test of the AIDS vaccine.

The vaccine, DNA-rTV, was developed by Chinese scientists. Based on the four previous clinical trials, the vaccine has been proven safe, and can help the volunteers produce hormonal and cellular immunity to HIV, CDC noted.

Volunteers could get a subsidy of 15,000 yuan per person, a Hangzhou-based public welfare group, which helps the Hangzhou hospital recruit, told the Global Times. However, the online announcement received more fear than enthusiasm, with many netizens saying that they may be more prone to get infected with HIV after taking the test.

“We have recruited more than 20 volunteer candidates since the project was launched in May,” said one of the directors of the test surnamed Zhou from the Beijing hospital. More than 30 people have signed up with the Hangzhou hospital, said the Hangzhou-based public welfare group.

The previous four clinical tests recruited faster and faced no such trouble, an insider, who refused to be named, told the Global Times, noting that the reason for the troubles remain unknown. Shao Yiming, one of the vaccine developers and AIDS expert at the CDC, told the Global Times on Wednesday that each vaccine only contains one or two HIV genes that are incapable of forming an active HIV virus. Only active HIV viruses can cause an infection.

“The clinical tests have undergone a strict examination and approval process from the National Medical Products Administration, and is following related laws and regulations,” Shao said.

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