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Medical Tourism – A Growing Trend for European Countries

Medical tourism in Europe is a continuously growing phenomenon. Patients from countries such as the UK, Austria and Germany are increasingly moving east, to have medical procedures done. The main destination countries are EU countries in the immediate vicinity to the east – Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia are attracting interest from patients from higher income countries.

Treatment centres in neighbouring Eastern European countries offer complex cosmetic surgery, including dental surgery, orthodontic treatment, eye laser treatments. They increasingly offer informational materials in English, employ English-speaking doctors, and organise arrivals and departures for patients.

Affordable Medical Treatment

Some medical procedures and treatments may not be covered by health insurance companies in UK, Austria and Germany, which makes the affordability of medical tourism especially attractive. Since the eastward enlargement of the EU, there has been a strong trend towards medical tourism and cosmetic surgery in Poland and other countries of Eastern Europe.

Low personnel costs and the sometimes a favourable tax system make treatments cheaper, sometimes by up to two-thirds. The cost for medical procedures like dental implants, eye laser surgery, vascular surgery, orthopaedics, and cosmetic surgery is many times cheaper. Europe Surgery for an example provides excellent cosmetic surgery in Poland. They perform procedures including breast enlargements, facelift, brow lifts, laser treatments and tummy tucks.

The range of cosmetic surgery services offered is quite wide and just as good compared to nations like Germany and Austria. These physicians have worked across Western Europe and have helped to build medical facilities in counties such as Poland and the Czech Republic. And last but not least, the standards and requirements at EU level ensure a high quality of medical care throughout Europe.

Medical Tourism in Europe

Until recently, clinics in Turkey were the first port of call for cheap laser eye surgery. In the meantime, domestic conflicts and political instability have led to a sharp drop in demand for treatments in Istanbul or Antalya. Instead, many patients from Western Europe prefer to travel to their European neighbours in Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

In international comparison, medical tourism in Europe is still underdeveloped, but patient mobility within the EU is growing and ensures that medical practitioners find business opportunities and growth potential across national borders. Legislative reforms that could regulate patient movements and influence supply would also have to be decided at EU level and require a certain lead accordingly.

Quality Care

Many potential patients in much of Western Europe, can rest assured that clinics and doctors in the East, in terms of safety, training and hygiene standards, are up to first world standards. The level of education of doctors is also high – in the clinics designed for medical tourists, it is not uncommon for native Polish or Slovene physicians to have a trained and worked exclusively abroad.

The equipment used is usually certified to EU standards and manufactured by internationally renowned medical technology companies. The number of internationally recognized medical specialists is high, ensuring that medical tourism in these countries’ benefits patients and practitioners alike.

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