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Porcelain Crowns Are Here To Make You Feel Confident About Your Smile

People with aesthetically damaged, worn and damaged tooth are usually self-conscious every time when they smile and aren’t entertained by the idea of dental restoration too. They can fix their smile instead of using dental crowns. Crowns are customized restorations fitted on top of the required teeth. Apart from covering up the damaged portion of one’s teeth, they can be made to replicate the colour of natural teeth.

Crowns are referred to as caps since they entirely cover damaged teeth and extend down the sides. Each crown will be designed individually depending on the impression of a person’s tooth. The dentist also maintains the patient’s jaw alignment. Prior to placing a crown, your tooth will be reshaped. Decayed or damaged area is then removed.  The dentist makes room for the crown and takes impression of the patient’s tooth. If you are looking for the best College Station dentist, you can check out the profiles of doctors in the website of ‘Cashion Dental’.

When to get a crown?

  • When a tooth cannot be fixed with a filling since it is too decayed
  • When a tooth has lost more enamel
  • When a tooth is chipped as a result of accident
  • When whitening treatments cannot fix the stains

Benefits of porcelain crown:

  • Translucent: Porcelain and enamel are translucent which implies they absorb and reflect light. Hence, porcelain manages to mimic the natural glow of teeth and is almost indistinguishable from nearby teeth.
  • Durable: Porcelain crowns last anywhere between 5 and 25 years. They are almost resilient like enamel and stands for years. Care should be taken when playing sports and biting on hard food.
  • Low-maintenance: Porcelain crowns don’t require extra care. It is just the way you care for your teeth. Brushing and flushing daily will keep bacteria at bay.
  • Stain-resistant: Since these are resistant to stains, you can enjoy your favourite food without being bothered about stains.

  • Comfortable: They can be customized to your needs. They fit in well and blend naturally with other teeth.
  • Biocompatibility: They don’t cause any allergic reactions to human body unlike other dental restorations with metals.

Porcelain restoration offers more cosmetic benefits than its metal counterparts. They come in a number of shades and can be made to match your teeth shade. If your dentist feels porcelain crowns is an ideal choice for you, you can go ahead with initial assessments to ensure your gums would accept the new restoration.

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